welcome to my batcave, come on in!!

dick grayson

Sorry, I have morals! My life's in the hands of an idiot!

tim drake

Out of the way, Red Robin's rushing in!

jason todd

The next time I open up to someone, it'll be my autopsy!

damian wayne

Did you seriously bring a butter knife to this fight?!


s-her. twenty. isfp. brazilian. aquarius. bissexual. cabin 6. slytherin.

I study literature at UA and currently live in Portugal.

"You'll never know if you can fly unless you take the risk of falling."

languages: portuguese, spanish, english, russian, japanese and deustch (not 100% fluent)

love LOVE love:

I really like sweets (which ends up being a problem), I watch k-dramas, anime and movies, in my spare time read books and write, have a huge playlist of several favorite songs, I draw, dance kpop and sometimes play video-games.

hate HATE hate:

I hate japanese food, left 4 dead, trash movies, people who only know how to complain, anything that defends something wrong, trap, after and J-O-K-E-R.

Things I Like

games GAMES games:

just dance. call of duty. death stranding. alice madness return. god of war. cs. lol. mobile legends. dmc. final fantasy. kof. bayonetta.

books BOOKS books:

shades of magic. six of crows. caraval. tog. lotr. narnia. perks of being a wallflower. vampire chronicles. playlist for the dead. vampire (1819). vicious. kos.

kpop KPOP kpop:

shinee, winner, skz, enhypen, exo, nct, monsta x, got7, dreamcatcher, sf9, kim lip, ateez, day6, mamamoo, wayv, seventeen, cl, txt.


if you want to talk, i'll be here for you, just call me: